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My Story

I like a challenge. I like to work with others to get important jobs done. Throughout my 30+ year career as an executive for several national research firms and think tanks, I have led teams that have turned visions into realities, conducting research or creating programs to strengthen our country.

  •  At DRC (Data Recognition Corporation), I led a team of 200 IT specialists who set up and managed for the Department of Defense one of the largest, most complex databases in the world. It required exceptional technical skills and we had to meet the most stringent standards for quality and security. Topics my team researched included attitudes towards “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell,” sexual assault, and other aspects of military life.
  •  At The Gallup Organization, where I was an executive on the Senior Leadership Team in the Government Division, my team produced nearly 1000 proposals for government contracts, forging relationships with other organizations worldwide, creating staffing plans and budgets, developing creative strategies for solving problems and carrying out the work.
  •  At Abt Associates, I conducted a quick turnaround research project for the Office of National Drug Control Policy on college drug use, which resulted in the eventual establishment of the Higher Education Center on Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention, which I set up and led in the early years. We worked in partnership with Harvard University to use their research as a basis for producing educational materials, planning nationwide and regional conferences, staffing a helpline, and setting up one of the first government project websites.
  •  Also at Abt, I worked with research leaders and communication experts at the National Institute on Drug Abuse to set up one of the first technology transfer projects on “soft” technologies—i.e., research findings about effective practices in the prevention and treatment of addiction.

I’m proud of these accomplishments (and others), but what I remember most is the pleasure of working with teams of people from diverse backgrounds and organizations, to see how their different perspectives and talents merged, and that moment when everything clicked into place and we knew we were going to have a success. That’s what I want to do in Hays County with the County Clerk’s staff, the Commissioner’s Court, constituents, and other stakeholders. 

I also have a love of learning, which led me to pursue a graduate education at night. My education has given me practical tools I use every day in tackling new tasks. It has also given me a conceptual framework and an ethical grounding that guides everything I do.

Ph.D., Cultural Studies, George Mason University

MBA, George Mason University

Graduate Certificate in Gender Studies, George Mason University

30+ hours graduate training, Human Resource Development, American University/NTL