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The Issues

Hays County, TX is one of the most rapidly growing counties in the country. That growth brings opportunities, but also poses tremendous challenges for county governance. As part of the County’s executive team, I am committed to ensuring that our government runs smoothly and effectively, despite increased burdens. I see four priorities:

1. Accurate & Complete Information

Accuracy of vital records is of utmost importance. Failure to record a birth, a marriage or property records can wreak havoc on people’s lives, leading to financial losses. They may have to go to court to sort out the errors or face other challenges getting credit or obtaining a government ID. Accuracy must continue to be a top priority of the office. It requires safeguards and quality checks to prevent errors, as well as excellent staff training, monitoring and support.

2. Fraud & Cyber Attack Protection

Security of the records must be a top priority for the County Clerk. County records are notoriously susceptible to identity theft. And the 2016 elections revealed that we are all increasingly vulnerable to cyber attacks that can disrupt daily operations, create chaos, and lead to distrust of government. The level of security we need requires a highly skilled IT team that is completely up to date with the latest technology and that has the resources to ensure smooth data exchanges and protection from cyber threats.

3. Exceptional Customer Service

Hays county residents, lawyers and other business people have told me that customer service is their top priority when it comes to the office of the County Clerk. They want convenient hours that won’t require them to miss work, easy-to-follow instructions for online data entry and forms, and lower fees when using credit or debit cards. All along the way, users’ input and satisfaction will be monitored.

4. Feeling Welcome, Respected, and Heard

All residents of Hays County should have a voice in how the county is run. That means we in the government need to really listen to what the residents are telling us and address their concerns. It means we set hours when working people can engage in dialogue with the County Clerk’s office without having to miss work. I will work with my colleagues on the Commissioner’s Court to find ways of improving inclusiveness, including elections. The County Clerk is Vice-Chair of the Elections Board and works alongside the Judge of the Commissioner’s Court in making key decisions about elections. We will work to ensure all eligible residents are able to vote and are not prevented from voting by inconvenience or intimidation of any kind.